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Loan Application Form

Applying online for a personal loan or car finance is quick and confidential. Please allow 5 minutes to complete the loan application.
When you apply with us, you’re applying with a trusted company that cares about your financing needs. We’ll take care of you through the whole process

"My Cousin and I had an opportunity to purchase a business at a great price, we started the SBA process and after 2 months the seller was going to put the business back on the market. We couldn't let that happen. Thanks to Equaloans, we got the loan we needed at a great rate and we are now small business owners!.
=====Aris Rahman===INDONESIA

"Honestly, I was scared to make an upfront payment due to my past experiences with fake lender. But to my surprise I received a notification from my bank that my account has been credited. An invaluable service to those who have no time to bank-shop!"
======Muhammed Emir===== TURKEY

A worry-free experience as I had the loan rates from all the banks at my fingertips, plus top-notch advice on which package would work best for my needs. Saves my time too, as it meant I didn't have to burn my lunch hours and Saturday mornings visiting different banks to compare their various packages.

===Gabriela Dinu ROMANIA===

I am extremely pleased with your service and your suggestions have helped me get a very good home loan deal. I would be pleased to recommend your services to my friends and anyone who is in need of a loan. Thank you EquaLoans!.

=== Bruce Coleman LONDON===

“I didn't think shortlisting a housing loan can be that easy. Just 3 simple steps and the list of best packages is generated. Absolutely fantastic! I recommend EquaLoans for you"
====Mariana Grava LITHUANIA====

Even though no money is made from advising me to reprice with my existing bank, the loan Advisor still acts in my best interest and advises me to do so. I am pleasantly surprised that such unbiased, customer-first advise is so freely given.
====Mary Sander USA====



We can get you funded fast.

Ask us about 100% financing,Close in as fast as 4 days, No minimum credit score.

Interest only payments with no prepayment penalty, Same day pre-approval letters









Every loan seeker is required to pay for the registration fee of the loan before the loan is transferred into their bank account. The fee cannot be deducted from the loan amount and you must pay it before you get the loan. The registration fee is just a very small amount of the original loan amount, which stands to be a proof and evidence that you will pay back the loan once it has been given to you. Once you complete your loan payment, the fee will be refunded back to you. "That’s a promise, which we always keep"